People have been going on motorcycle trips ever since the end credits of “Easy Rider” first rolled of the silver screen, and maybe already before that. Africa has been crossed by motorcycles from north to south, from west to east, encircled and this several times each year.

Why than bore other people with yet another online motorcycle adventure story? Because it’s not my adventure story but the one of the people that cross my path. Every day millions of Africans walk for many miles, not because they are in some happy Nordic walking club but out of necessity. Fetching water, going to the market, visiting friends or family. In most cases it’s only done by the support of their own two legs.

The idea is to give every day a little help to one of those people marching along the roads of Africa, by giving them a short ride to their destination on my motorbike, asking in return to share a story and/or to lead me towards unknown places.

Practically this means that I will be traveling from Rwanda to Belgium, trying to pick up at least one hitchhiker every day. Giving a short ride or a long ride, just dropping of passengers or hanging out with them, whatever we feel like…

Do you think our paths could cross? Do you have a nice story to share or do you just like to feel the wind on your cheeks and the flies in your eyes? Just push the button below and we can work something out!