Wildtripping is traveling without worries, without preparations, longing for the casual encounter. Almost every spot in the world has been discovered and people are traveling more than ever before. Are there still places to be discovered?

Unfortunately, not really…

How then to reproduce a bit the thrills and exhilaration of the old explorers? How to reproduce the feeling of discovering a new continent, tribe, animal species, being the first to conquer a mountain or river, …?

Start with throwing out your travel guides. They will guide you all the time while you should discover. Listen to the people you meet and let them lead you towards new places. You might miss out on a few touristic highlights but the things you do discover will be much more appreciated.

That style of traveling is what this wildtrippin’ webpage is trying to promote. A new way of voyaging so that traveling becomes again exploring.

To end, an obligatory inspirational quote that summarizes the whole idea:

Upon those travelers who make their way without maps or guides, there breaks a wave of exhilaration with each unexpected change of plans. This exhilaration is not a whore who can be bought with money nor a neighborhood beauty who may be wooed. She (to persist in personifying the sensation as female) is a wild and sea-eyed undine, the darling daughter of adventure, the sister of risk, and it is for her rare and always ephemeral embrace, the temporary pressure she exerts on the membrane of ecstasy, that many men leave home.”

– Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume


img_1081I’m an adventurous motorcyclist. Born and raised in Belgium (°1988) but now exploring the whole world. I have a background in communication and journalism. Photography and shooting videos are my passion. I love to sit down listen to small people with big stories. I’m always looking for new adventures or challenges to  make life even more interesting.