In Suakin, 60km south from Port Sudan, we have to catch our ferry to Jeddah. Several little travel agencies along the road to the port sell tickets. Buying them should be a piece of cake, but nobody speaks a word of English. It takes ages to find out a price and a departure date and … More MUTOWOKIL


After a few days we can pick up our Saudi visas and we’r very ready to leave Khartoum. We head towards Port Sudan, where we will take a ferry to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). On the road we visit several ancient archaeological sites (Nagaa and musawwarat es-sufra). We spent a night just next to the pyramids … More AHMED


Driving through Sudan is noticeably very different from Ethiopia. You could describe it as: flat, dry, dusty, almost no potholes and almost no cattle on the road. The way to Khartoum is long but smooth. It’s a 600 km journey. Just two days before in Ethiopia it would have taken us two full days to … More GUNTHER


We arrange our paperwork at the Ethiopian side of the border at customs and the visa section. We are now officially outside of Ethiopia. The Ethiopian customs guy is very nice. The troubles start when we head to the Sudanese side of the border. Willem goes out to meet the Sudanese customs and I stay … More FRAZER


We arrive in a little town, Kemer Dengaye (don’t bother it’s not even indicated on google maps). Home to the delicious Guna spring water. I’m making some explicit publicity here. It will become clear why exactly as you continue reading. We arrive in the city around sunset. We decide to eat and than to look … More FENTSH


We ride from Mekelle to Lalibella on a beautiful road. We don’t make it to Lalibella in one day and we sleep on a mountain pass. There are not many flat places to be found in this area so we’re happy when we finally find a place to pitch our tent next to a little … More JOZEF


Our visit to Danakil can be described in on word: amazing. It’s better to let the pictures speak for themselves (no hitchhikers cause we didn’t drive): Our company on this trip is as colourful as the landscapes we see. An arrogant Chinese prince on a camel who leads the way up to an active volcano … More DANAKIL


In Addis I give a ride to a special man. He’s been homeless for several years. He lives literally just under a few plastic sheets. But he has one passion that keeps him on the go: Plants. Lembo (which means peace dove) gives and plants trees in peoples’ private gardens for free. He’s some sort … More LEMBO


We stay a few days in Bale. I’m taking some time to update my travel diary and Willem makes some friends in the emergency department of the local hospital. One early morning we defy the freezing morning cold and we ride up to the Bale Mountain national park to spot the very rare Ethiopian wolf. … More TALU


Ethiopian roads are tricky. Especially the mobile speed bumps make it very difficult to stay on the road. With the mobile speed bumps I refer to all the cattle on the road. Apathetic they walk along on the tarmac roads. Strangely enough you don’t see them on dirt roads. It’s only when the road turns … More HAMIR